Connecting people with place through local wholefoods.

As we navigate these uncertain times we remain committed to our vision of nourishing the Inverleigh community with healthy food and a positive approach to life.

We are so happy to have opened our doors seven days a week 9am-3pm.. we are operating with our full menu again and a huge range of organic produce, groceries, gifts and much much more 💚

Our ever expanding grocery and take home meal range is available for click and collect or local delivery. Choose from the list below and simply email your order by Tuesday 12pm for orders containing bread, meat or dairy all other orders cut off Thursday 12pm. Pick up available on Friday & Saturdays between 9am & 3pm.

From The Sonny Kitchen

Sonny home made pies $12 Beef and Bacon – Provenir beef and barongaook bacon with a rich gravy Beef and Mushroom – Provenir beef with local mushrooms Chicken and Leek – Free range Milawa chicken and leek in a creamy sauce

Ginger chicken casserole $28 serves 2 – GF Marinated free range chicken thighs with ginger and apricots. Served with organic mashed potatoes

Curried lentil & Veg soup $15 serves 2The old favourite, organic vegetables and lentils in a creamy tomato and coconut broth.

Yoga pot– A hotpot of organic chickpeas, lentils and vegetables in a tomato, fennel and cinnamon sauce $20 serves 2

Tuna Pasta Bake $16 serves 2 – Sustainably fished Tuna with capsicum, celery, Penne pasta & a creamy white sauce

Beef Lasagne – (serves 2) $19 Traditional … made with Provenir Beef

Vegetable Lasagne –  (serves 2) $19 Layers of pasta, tomato, cheese & vegetables.. easily as popular as the beef version!

Soba Noodle Salad $15 (serves one as a main & 2 as a side) Buckwheat soba noddles, carrot and cabbage with a ginger shallot dressing & spicy sriracha sauce…

Apple & Berry Sweet Muffins $15 – 4 pack – diced apple, organic berries & almonds in a wholemeal muffin

Savoury Muffin $15 – 4 pack – Another Sonny classic, grated pumpkin, spinach & red onion with tasty cheese & meredith goats cheese

Peace Cookies $15 – 4 pack – The yogi inspired spiced oat cookie… vegan, delicious & a little addictive

Cornflake cookies $13 – 4 pack – classic cornflake cookie with sultanas

Kladdkaka $25 (GF swedish brownie whole cake)

Meal Packs

Nourish Pack $65

1 x kitchari

1 x soup

1 x Sonny Salad

1 x Yoga Pot

2 x Peace cookies – .

1 pkt Sonny Digestive tea

Alcoholic beverages ( restrictions apply… must be with meal & limited to one bottle or 6 pack per order)

Austin’s wines– Shiraz, Pinot noir, Pinot Gris, Prosecco $25

Salt brewing company Salt Lager 6 pack $25, Session Ale 6 pack $25, Moby Pale ale 6 pack $27, Ink stout 6 pack $28

From The Pantry

Free Range Eggs – $8.50
Mt Zero Olives – 2L Extra Virgin Olive oil $38

Coconut oil 1L– $16.95
Fruit & Veg – $30 or $60 box. Contact us for special requests

Zeally Bay Bakery – Casalinga $7 each, Seed & Sprout $8.50 each, Pizza Bases $8 for pack of 2, Fruit Loaf $8.50 each, Olive loaf $8 each

Orange juice– Sunzest organic $8
Milk- 2L Organic Full Cream Milk $6.50 each, 2L Schulz low fat $6.5 each, Organic cream 200ml $5.50 each, yoghurt 1kg $8.25 each

Butter –Organic times butter 250g $6.5,

Alternative Milks – Milklab Almond, Coconut & Bonsoy $5 each, Milklab Macadamia $6
Cheeses– Meredith Goats Cheese – $12 each, Schulz Quark 375g $5.50, Schulz Fetta $8.50, Warrnambool cheddar 250g $7.95

Dips & plant based cheeses- Byron dips Hommus, Beetroot, Baba ganoush $6.95 Basil pesto & vegan basil pesto $9.95, Cashew Cheese $13.95, Dairy free cheese slices $7.95

Market Lane Coffee – Seasonal Blend 250g or 1kg Beans $16 & $50 each

Jennings local honey– 1kg $19, 500g $10

Berry organic local jam – $8

Spreads – Peanut butter organic $7.65, Almond Butter $9.5, Pana choc hazelnut spread $9.95, Vego choc hazelnut $9.95

Flours– Biodynamic stoneground wheat 1kg $6.5, Biodynamic self raising 1kg $7.5, Biodynamic Spelt 1kg $9.5, Gluten free blend 1kg $14.95

Organic grains & pulses 1kg bags – Chickpeas, Red split lentils, black beans,green lentils, quinoa, yellow split pea, red kidney beans, popcorn

Tinned Products – Organic Chickpeas, organic cannellini beans $2.45, Organic baked beans $2.95, Organic diced tomato $2.95

Vinegars-Mocks Apple cider vinegar $11.90, Organic red wine vinegar $6.7, Organic balsamic vinegar $7.95

Snack foods Organic corn chips $6.5, Cobs popcorn $4.95, Organic corn cakes $2.80, Proper potato chips, Proper garden medley chips $5.50

Chocolate – Pana chocolate – sour cherry, hazelnut or white macadamia $6.95, Alter Eco chocolate original or mint $6.95, Choc coated almonds $13.50, Choc coated licorice $11.5

Breakfast cereal– Organic weet bix $7.5, Biodynamic oats 1kg $11, Organic brown rice flakes $11.50

Provenir Beef Packs

3-4 meal pack $47.5 ( 2 x 250g rump steak, 1 x500g pack beef sausages, 500g diced beef, 500g minced beef.

4 meal pack $75 2 x 250g scotch steak, 2 x 250g porterhouse steak,  500g stir fry, 500g mince

7 meal pack $95 1 x 1.5kg beef roast, 1 x 500g flat iron steak, 500g mince, 500g diced beff, 500g stir fry

Barongarook Pork – Bacon $36 per kg (approx. 300g pack)

Milawa Chicken – Chicken breast 500g packs $13, Chicken thigh 1kg $21.95, Whole chicken $19 apprx

Home & Personal care

Herbon – Dishwash 1L $9.5 Multi purpose spray $10 Herbon laundry powder 2kg $21

Ethique Shampoo bars– Kiwi shampoo $24.95, Gaurdian conditioner $24.95, Tip to Toe mens shaving & shampoo bar $23.95, bamboo shower container $25.95

Bath salts – Epzen soothe, relax or uplift $14.95, 1kg Magnesium $24.95

Dr Bronners 475ml – peppermint, tea tree, almond, rose or unscented $21.95ea Bronners shower soap bar $9.85

Jack & Jill kids– Toothpaste blueberry, strawberry or blackcurrant $6.95 Bubblebath $13.95

Toothbrushes – nfco biodegradable toothbrush & stand $9.95, kids biodegradable toothbrush $6.95

Toothpaste – Grants $4.20, Weleda $9.95

Weleda skin care– mens moisture cream $21.95, Skin food 30g $14.95, skin food 70g $24.95, skin food body butter $33.95

Deodorant– Weleda deodorant spray citrus $21.95, Weleda mens 24hr roll on $16.96, Weleda citrus roll $16.95

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We will deliver – $10 fee, or free for orders over $50 in Inverleigh. Contact us for delivery to other areas.

Orders (via email) need to be placed by midday Tuesday (for Friday delivery). Orders will be invoiced for online payment.

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